Hi, I'm Spencer Kohan.

I'm a Berlin based freelancer, and I make great mobile applications.

I’ve been building apps since 2009.

I joined a small startup as the first full-time developer. We started as a two man team working out of coffee houses and our kitchen tables.

I stayed on as the Director of Mobile for three and a half years, leading a small team of developers as we grew out of the coffee house, then three different office spaces, until we were eventually aquired in 2013.

Now I freelance.

I work on great applications for clients all over the world.

Sometimes I build apps from scratch, sometimes I take over existing projects. Sometimes I work alone, sometimes I integrate into a team. Sometimes I build whole applicaitons, sometimes I just add a custom look and feel, or create a solution to one tough problem.

I ship.

I’ve shipped dozens of applications for clients of all sizes, including the Harvard Medical School, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a major US Airline, and a Big 5 publishing house.

I build great user experiences.

Great applications go beyond an efficient API and pieced together open source solutions.

I hand-craft anmations and custom UI components for unique and fluid experiences which leave a lasting impression on users.

My first goal is to leave clients happy.

If I have learned anything it’s that good communicaction is the most important part of any collaboration.

If we work together I will make every effort to deliver the best possible realization of your vison.

I’d be happy to hear from you! Send me an email and let’s talk about your project:


Take a look at my portfolio for some examples of my recent work.

See how I solve problems on my blog and github.