The applications I deliver are modern, native iOS and Android experiences. As needed I can build and maintain every piece of the mobile stack including hosting, back-end, RESTful web services, and hand-crafted custom UI components and animations. My code is clean and maintainable, following software engineering best practices. I'm currently accepting freelance work!


Discavo is a Berlin-based hotel booking application.

I worked with talented designers on this project, and was given a lot of creative freedom to create custom animations.

Technical challenges included implementing a novel algorithm for grouping map points, and a non-typical API interaction to deliver near real-time hotel search results to the device.

Discavo website


BioMosaic is a tool developed for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to allow prediction an analysis of health events by creating visualizations of demographic and health data.

On this project I worked with some of the world's leading experts in epidemiology. Our goal was to create an intuative, visual interface for the CDC's massive data sets.

Challenges included integrating disperate data sources in multiple formats, rendering complex multi-level data queries as ArcGIS map layers in real time, and designing a powerful yet flexible user interface.

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UpToDate provides continuing education and point-of-care information to hundreds of thousands of physicians.

I integrated with the UpToDate technical team to implement the accompanying Android application to the existing Desktop and iOS versions.

Technical challenges included adapting mature desktop libraries for mobile use, efficient syncing of large data sets to device storage for offline access, and implementation of advanced event tracking.

UpToDate product page